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Referral Bonus Program

NUMAL is introducing a referral bonus program for all NUMAL employees. We are constantly looking for both new talents and experienced professionals to join our team. As the company grows we would like our employees to benefit from our growth by a reward program for your referrals.

1. What is Referral Bonus Program?

NUMAL Referral Bonus Program pays you up to $300 (Referred for Training) for each referral you provide that is hired by NUMAL after training. NUMAL pays you anywhere between $500 and $1000 for referrals that fill in immediate positions and without undergoing training.

2. How does the Program work?

If a candidate referred by you gets hired by NUMAL and is required to go through the training we provide, NUMAL will pay you up to $300 after the person works for 90 days. If the referral is for an immediate position and the person does not require any training, you will be paid a referral bonus of $500 after 90 days of the person working for NUMAL and another $500 after 180 days of the person working for NUMAL. You will get your referral bonus regardless of how long it took to place a candidate.

3. How do I do it?

It is easy to participate: simply refer anyone you know – a graduate from college or someone with very good experience in the IT field. You are welcome to call us at 703-842-7533 or e-mail

4. What if my referral does not get a job?

Unfortunately, we cannot pay a referral bonus for candidates who do not get hired.

5. Who can participate in NUMAL’s referral bonus program?

Any employee on NUMAL’s payroll is eligible for the referral bonus program.

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