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  • NumalTours is a comprehensive and scalable solution that addresses a wide range of travel industry requirements to improve business, cut costs, and increase profits.

    This Travel Management System supports a range of travel products including hotel accommodation, flights, car hire, tours and travel insurance. The entire reservation process is automated and with the vast range of supported suppliers and sales channels you can have a complete feature-rich web site. Currently we are developing a web service which runs on the NumalTours web service engine:

    The Internet Booking Engine is the cornerstone of NumalTours Solutions.
  • Increase your productivity and sales — Offer "around the clock" online self-driven travel planning and reservations to your clients. Let the engine "do the math", while you focus on expanding your products and enhancing customer satisfaction. Combine products and services from many different suppliers to fulfill and exceed your clients' needs and expectations.
  • Strengthen your customer relationships and loyalty — Invite your customers to register on your web site to receive special offers and save their customized trips. Encourage the Travel Agents to register, save their quotations and instantly preview their earnings online.
  • Control your margins and reduce clerical errors — Our Booking Engine is connected to an online database of products and services which is the repository of all your net rates and contracted fares. When a request from the web site is made, the engine automatically sorts out the rates in accordance with complex rules and availability status. Then it delivers an instant quotation including your markups. Rates can be entered in foreign currencies and markups can be specified for each single product or for an entire category.
  • Update easily and manage efficiently — Unseen by your web site visitor and password-protected is the online administration interface. It is simple to use whenever you wish to update products and change service rates and descriptions, terms, rules, markups and currency exchange rates. It also allows your agents to verify and process all bookings that are made through the booking engine.

  • Users
    • 1. Users register
    • 2. Login
    • 3. Browse and reserve public resources in different locations.
    • 4. Browse through reservations by day, week and month
    • 5. Manage users reservations
    • 6. Use Report tools
    • 7. Receive confirmation email when reservation is confirme
  • Admin
    • 1. Easily implement application
    • 2. Add users
    • 3. Add Location
    • 4. Add Resources
    • 5. Manage resources
    • 6. Manage bookings
    • 7. View statistics
    • 8. Archive or delete past reservations
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