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  • An applicant recruiting software system that can be easily adapted to meet recruiting needs. We designed NumalRec to be a modular system so that it can be easily customized. It has the ability to keep detailed records of Companies, Individuals (Contacts, Candidates & Employees) and Requisitions/Job Orders.
  • NumalRec Seamlessly Integrates With Your Existing Corporate Website
    A NumalRec-powered Career Center integrates seamlessly into virtually any existing corporate website. Job requisitions entered into NumalRec are automatically updated on the company's Career Center in real-time, without the need to involve IT staff or technology resources. The HR department is in control!
  • NumalRec Benefits
    Candidate self-service application and resume submission process
    Centrally managed job postings
    Centrally managed searchable candidate database
    Dynamic interactive Career Center with your job listings
    Faster hiring times
    Intuitive User Interface guarantees rapid user adoption
    Reduced hiring costs
    Reporting & Analysis Tools help assess and improve hiring performance
  • With NumalRec you can:
     -> Accept resumes directly into your candidate database
     -> Access your recruiting and hiring data from any web browser
     -> Automatically send and track candidates email correspondence
     -> Capture EEO data during the application process
     -> Create a top quality experience for applicants and candidates
     -> Create custom security levels for system users
     -> Instantly post jobs to your career center website without webmaster support
     -> Measure recruiting success with integrated reporting and analysis tools
     -> Search through resumes to identify the best available candidates
     -> Standardize candidate resumes for consistent viewing
     -> Track candidates from initial application through hire

NumalRec Features:

Referral Tracking
Employee and Vendor Referral Tracking modules integrate with the career center to allow company employees and select vendors to submit candidates. Emails keep all parties informed as activities occur. Comprehensive reporting of all referral activities summarizes the success of your referral program and extend your companies ability to effectively source candidates.

Job Requisition Approvals
Job requisition approval module helps keep get hiring managers and other staff involved in the requisition creation process, but prevents unauthorized parties from publishing jobs to the web before they have been approved.

Hiring Manager Access
Hiring managers can login to NumalRec and manage the jobs and candidates that they are assigned to. Activities are limited to only their jobs, and access to certain features can be controlled by the Administrator.

Intranet Job Board
NumalRec can be configured to provide an Intranet job board in addition to the existing public career center job board that comes standard.

EEO Data Collection and Reporting
For companies that are required to comply with Federal EEO reporting, NumalRec helps collect EEO information at the time of application. This information is sent to the NumalRec system and made available to the appropriate staff for reporting and compliance purposes.

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