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IT CONSULTING: the expertise you want; the cost controls you need;

Time is money, nowhere more so than in the IT field. The speed with which an enterprise can marshal and analyze its data can make the difference between being first to market, or a mere afterthought. If a critical project outgrows your IT staff's ability to manage it effectively, NUMAL delivers an instant infusion of experienced hands to turn things around when you need it, where you need it.

Processes are critical, but having the right people in place is the foundation of any successful IT initiative. NUMAL gets it right: the right resources, at the right place, at the right time, for the right price. Competitively priced, task-oriented IT resources for low-cost staff augmentation that gives you the flexibility to staff assignments lasting from a few weeks to several months, or even years. Our experts hit the ground running, keeping your costs low and predictable and your operations running smoothly from day one.

"Processes are critical, but having the right people in place is the foundation of any successful IT initiative."

Contract-based Placements
Long or short-term, temporary resources. Fill an existing position or augment your regular staff to bring your project up to speed.

Contract to Full-time Placements
NUMAL offers the option of permanently hiring a Contract/Temporary professional at the expiration of a three, six or twelve month contract at no additional charge. This affords an extraordinarily valuable opportunity to evaluate an individual's performance before making an offer of permanent employment Permanent hiring of consultants prior to contract termination is also possible, for a mutually agreed conversion fee.

Full Time Placements
NUMAL sources individuals for permanent positions for a standard fee of 20% of the annual salary. We also offer a flexible refund schedule up front, should a new hire sourced through NUMAL not stay with you.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee your satisfaction with our consultants. If after the first 80 hours the job, you are not completely satisfied with our consultant s performance, you will not be billed for those hours, and NUMAL will replace that consultant .

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