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Network Engineering

  • Network Engineering: specialized in communication solutions...

    "Network is the backbone of communication; Doing it right is the key to success."

    Numal has consistently provided best-in-class network solutions for numerous customers since 2002. Numal delivers customized services that provide its clients with optimized returns on their network infrastructures.

    Numal's engineers are experienced and are certified in their fields ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. At NUMAL, we create specialist roles providing our clients with exact skill-set necessary to optimize their own resources.

    Delivering improved execution requires a mature set of technologies and processes designed to control the network environment variable, while keeping up with your changing business needs. Controlling these variables, while keeping up with your changing business needs. Controlling these variables is crucial to achieving the cost containment that eludes so many organizations. Numal has developed the processes and technologies to do just that.

    We have covered all these bases, including:

    • Configuration Management at all layers of the solution
    • Monitoring at all levels of the infrastructure, network, and application
    • Operational Transparency which allows you to see what is happening at all times
    • Patches, fixes, and updates
    • Change Management to document and control changes while allowing for fast implementation
    • Operational Response to quickly respond to errors and prevent them from re-occurring


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